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Gold Coast Self-published and Independently Published services

Gold Coast Libraries outsource this service to Peter Pal Library Supplier. Gold Coast Libraries support local, self-published and independently published authors and encourages authors who fit the eligibility criteria to submit their publication to Peter Pal for review.

Please read the below thoroughly before proceeding with your application:

· You must be a Gold Coast resident and a member of Gold Coast Libraries. If you are a resident but not yet a library member, please register at .

· Your title must have been published within the last 3 years.

· Before submitting your request, please check the Gold Coast Libraries catalogue as your title may already be available or on order.

· All requests are assessed against Gold Coast Libraries collection selection criteria by the Peter Pal team.

Please address any questions or concerns relating to your application with

We encourage authors to thoroughly read through the below key points and FAQ’s to assist with completing the new publication submission form

Make your book discoverable

To increase discoverability of your book, we recommend registering your title for free with Nielsen BookData Online. This is an online book database used by libraries and bookstores to search for titles. Please see for more information.

If you would like to get in touch with fellow writers, tips and tricks about writing and publishing and support for writers, there are Writers Centres in most states. Links to them are below:

When will I see an order for my book?

Selecting an item to order comes down to a multitude of varying factors that align with Council Collection Development policies; It’s worth noting that policies will differ from council to council. Items can be assessed on binding, formatting, size, attractiveness, content, topic saturation and much more.

Publisher/Author Trade Discount

The amount of trade discount given is completely dictated by you. As a guideline, it’s typical for publishers and authors to apply a 0-40% discount on books being supplied to Peter Pal; the higher the trade discount the more discount is passed on to our customers.

RRP vs Trade Discount Prices

Recommended Retail Price is the full amount suggested to sell your book, however it’s important to note that discounts have not been applied yet. The Trade Discount Price includes discount and should not be confused with RRP.

Marketing and Freight

We are always looking for new Australian publications for our libraries to access. The details you provide to us about your book will appear on our database for our libraries to view. It’s important to note, marketing and freight is the sole responsibility of the author or publisher to organise – Peter Pal does not offer this service.

Book data and why it matters

If book data sites such as Nielsen BookData already hold information on your book, it is important that any information you provide to Peter Pal matches that information. In most cases, Peter Pal will purchase books based on the data held on these sites. To ensure we are able to provide our clients with the most value for money, Peter Pal will usually purchase through 3rd party providers affiliated with these data sources. The market is very competitive and we need to ensure we do the right thing by our clients.


An ISBN (or International Standard Book Number) is a simple identifier that is assigned to a book as a way of telling it apart from other titles. It is unique to each individual title. These are mostly commonly 13 digits although some older titles will only have 10. You can register your book for an ISBN here:
A self-published author publishes and finances their own work and marketing. An independently-published author has their work published by a specialised or niche publisher, usually financed by the author.
It is preferable that the title is a new and upcoming release. A ‘new’ title is a title in pre-publication or within the first year of it being published. Anything older than that is considered backlist.
If you have a physical copy you would like to send to us, you are more than welcome to. If you would like the book returned to you, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope along with a copy. Alternatively, you can send through a PDF document of the book if that is better suited to you.
The information that you provide to us is uploaded to Peter Pal’s online ordering platform. Libraries who use Peter Pal as their supplier will be able to see your new titles listed and can purchase if they wish.
Peter Pal’s online ordering database is for our clients only and is not for members of the public.
Absolutely, we are more than happy for you to advise libraries that we can supply your book/s through Peter Pal. Information will be available through our website.
We endeavour to get to any books that come into us as soon as we can, however, please be patient as this may take some time.
We are always looking for new Australian publications for our libraries to access. The details you provide to us about your book will appear on our database for our libraries to view.
Peter Pal does not hold stock in our warehouse. We will order as required by our libraries.

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