The needs of all libraries are different and we strive to provide services tailored to the specific requirements of each of our customers. Our focus is on helping our customers to make the acquisition of monographs faster, cheaper and less time-consuming. We can also assist in the development and management of quality and up-to-date collections according to the specific needs of your library and the community it serves. This site provides the cutting-edge in acquisition assistance tools available for public libraries in Australia and New Zealand today.

Selection Services

Selecting titles for a quality up-to-date collection that continually targets reader's interests and reflects the unique characteristics of each reader community is a costly and time-consuming task. At Peter Pal we maintain constant contact with the Australian and overseas publishing industry and have years of hands-on experience at successfully selecting titles for our customers' specific needs and assisting them to increase borrowings and allowing library staff to spend more time with patrons.

Shelf-Ready Services

More and more libraries are turning to Peter Pal for complete shelf-ready supply of products. Our shelf-ready services team has years of experience servicing the largest libraries in Australia and New Zealand. Talk to us about how we can reduce your cataloguing and processing costs and get your titles into the hands of patrons faster.

Implementing RFID? We are experienced in providing RFID tag application and programming services.

Acquisition Services

With long-standing partnerships with a range of local and overseas publishers, distributors and wholesales, Peter Pal has the capacity to source all of your monographic and digital media requirements.

Library Administration Services

We understand that managing a library can be a time-consuming excercise so we have created a set of services aimed at easing the pain of managing library budgets and reducing the costs associated with de-centralised teams and collections.